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Farnam Street Podcast: Learning How to Suffer with the Queen of Pain (June 2018)
Ali On the Run Podcast (June 2018)
The Morning Shakeout (January 2018)
MindPump Media Podcast (October 2017)
Impact Theory: How to Cultivate Toughness (March 2017)
Ginger Runner Live: Patience and Coming Back from Injury (May 2017)
The Learning Leader Podcast with Ryan Hawk (September 2016)
Spartan Up Podcast (July 2016)
Strength Running: Suffering for the Love of Running (June 2016)
UltraRunner Podcast (February 2016)

DizRuns (January 2016)
The Tim Ferriss Show - Amelia Boone on Beating 99% of Men (December 2015)

Babbittville Radio (August 2015)
Obstacle Order Podcast (April 2015)
Athlete on Fire (August 2014)

15 Hours with Amelia Boone (by Billy Yang with support from Ultimate Direction)
Inc. - Meet the Apple Attorney Who is Winning Spartan Race Championships
CBS Sports: We Need to Talk (December 2016)
Sports Illustrated: Amelia Boone Shares Her Unique Diet (December 2016)
MindBodyGreen: Small Wins with Lorissa's Kitchen
HumanN - To the Power of N
BeetElite - Raise Your Game
CNBC - "The New High: Extreme Sports" (clips)
CNBC - "The New High: Extreme Sports" (full episode)
Reebok Athlete Spotlight
NBC Sports - Of Course I'll Be Back
2014 Spartan Super Virginia - NBC
2014 Spartan Sprint Pennsylvania - NBC
2014 Spartan Sprint Pacific Northwest - NBC
2013 Spartan Sprint Pacific Northwest Championship
2012 World's Toughest Mudder video
Oberto Beef Jerky Commercial

Runner's World: Amelia Boone is Stronger Than Ever (June 2018)
Muscle and Performance - Amelia Boone: The Queen of Pain (September 2017)
Fortune: Meet the Apple Lawyer Who Also Crushes Spartan Races (November 2016)
Entrepreneur: Driving Yourself Towards Success (November 2016)
Outside: Train Like a Girl (October 2016)
Outside: Question Everything You Know About Fitness (October 2016)
Competitor Magazine: Q&A with Amelia Boone, the Modern Mascohist (October 2016)
A Sweat Life: Get to Know Obstacle Racer Amelia Boone (October 2016)
Forever Sports (UK): Multitasking for Badasses (October 2016)
WUSTL Magazine: True Grit (September 2016)
Sports Illustrated: 50 Fittest Female Athletes (February 2016)
Sports Illustrated: World's Toughest Mudder Q&A (Jan 2016)
Chicago Tribune: Obstacle Racer Takes Grit to a Whole New Level (December 2015)
ESPN: Obstacle Course Racing's Unlikely Star (August 2015)
Runner's World: The Obstacle Race Superstar (June 2015)
CNBC: How to get through a 24-hour race (June 2015)
Zelle: She Runs (December 2014)
Lake Oswego Review/Portland Tribune, August 21, 2014
Outside Magazine: Advice From Our Fittest Real Athletes (July 2014)
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 23, 2014
SB Nation: Profile of Spartan World Champion (May 2014)
Sport Magazine (U.K), Issue 339
American Lawyer, December 2013
Newsweek: Hello Mudder! (November 2013)
Obstacle Racing's Breakout Star (October 2013)
Self Magazine, online September 2013
Travlete Athlete of the Month (July 2013)
Mud and Adventure: The Unstoppable Amelia Boone