Things I Love

I’m fortunate to have the support of many great companies. As an athlete, I ask myself three questions when deciding to work with a company:

         • Are they good people?
         • Do I love the product and and would I buy it with my own money?
         • Do they ask for and value input from their athletes?

The following folks are an assortment of sponsors, partners, or just plain old rad products that I use on a daily basis, hence – “things I love”


BeetElite, made by HumanN, has been my go-to preworkout and pre-race supplement. I spent many years pounding preworkouts with weird chemicals and stimulants, and gave those up, switching to the nitric oxide harnessing power of beets, delivered through BeetElite. I’m also a HUGE fan of their HeartGreens and Protein40 products, and I can trust that all of their products are WADA compliant and banned substance free.
Ultimate Direction

I’ve been on a search for the best hydration vests for a long time, so I’m proud to partner with Ultimate Direction. Their Adventure Vesta 4.0 survived Barkley and had more than enough storage for everything I needed out there for 12+ hours at a time. Their Race Vesta 4.0 is my go-to for “normal” ultras and long training runs. And launching this fall is an OCR specific vest, made to withstand barb wire and everything else gnarly out on an OCR course.
Sufferfest Beer

I work hard, but I like to play as well. Growing up in Oregon, I’ve always loved beer, but it hasn’t always loved me back. Sufferfest is a gluten-removed beer that actually tastes good and loves me back! But more importantly, it’s a company founded by athletes, made for athletes, and one that celebrates and supports its athletes. My fav picks are Flyby and Repeat. Find in California, Colorado, and shipping nationwide through
Big Spoon Roasters

Despite most of the world thinking my diet is about 90% Pop-Tarts, it’s actually probably 90% peanut butter. I’ve been on the search for the world’s best nut butters, and stoked to say I’ve found them in Big Spoon Roasters. My typical pre-run and pre-race fuel consists of spoonfuls of the stuff (is there any other way to eat it??). Due to an allergy to some tree nuts, I can only eat peanut and almond butter - all their varieties are amazing, but the Ginger Almond is my favorite.

I like colorful wayfarers. I like sunglasses that don’t bounce when running. Enter Goodr. I spent many years wearing the same teal pair of glasses from Target, but I couldn’t run in them. Goodr solved all my problems with their sunglasses. Bonuses points for having the raddest names of sunglasses out there.
Premiere Spine and Sport

Dr. Justin Brink and the folks at Premiere Spine and Sport have been a LIFESAVER for me. Not only does he help keep my body in working order, he’s been able to help develop prehab and strength routines for me to combat injuries before they begin. If you are in the Bay Area and looking for sport chiro who knows his stuff, I can’t recommend him enough.
Uncharted Supply Co.

Uncharted was founded with the goal is to build products and services to keep people safe and protected, and to educate families, friends and communities on personal preparedness. My races and training take me to extremely remote places, where I need to be prepared to handle all types of situations on my own – with Uncharted, I feel confident to do so.
Matty Gregg Runs

I first met Matty when he tried to Five-Knuckle Shuffle me during a Tough Mudder, and I was like “PLEASE, RKO OR NOTHING.” He’s now looking forward to his most ambitious goal yet (way more ambitious than Swingers at 4am) – running across the country. I’m proud to support Matty, and will be joining him for a portion of his run starting November 2018.
Kettle & Fire

I truly believe in the health benefits of bone broth, but I’m too lazy (or too inept of a cook) to make it on my own. Kettle and Fire is my daily source – mushroom & chicken is my favorite.
Beekeeper’s Naturals

Have you heard of propolis? If not, consider this your introduction. I’m constantly traveling, and have seen huge benefits by adding propolis to my daily routine – take a look at their spray. And while you’re at it, pick up some Cacao Superfood – I eat it by the spoonful.